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A New Me - New Year's Challenge - Day 14

Well, we've officially reached the halfway mark! The numbers are a little tricky, because the program is actually 25 days, counting the binge and such. 

It's weird to be writing to you all from the middle of our experience. There have been ups and downs. Because we don't have that much weight to lose overall (it was recommended that I would need to lose 42 pounds, and Pepper only 22 pounds, to be at our "ideal body weight") we hit plateus rather quickly and that can be discouraging. It messes with your mind to lose so much weight so quickly, and when that 1+ lb/day in the beginning turns into only .5 lbs/day, you start to feel like you should be doing better. But luckily, we have each other, and the incredible staff at A New Me in Reno. They're knowledgable and encouraging. 

In the A New Me program book, there's a specific menu and method to use when you've hit a plateau, and guess what...IT WORKS. I've lost a total of 11 pounds; I've gone from 185 to 174 in just  2 weeks! And Pepper has lost 9 pounds - and for women our age, this is a huge accomplishment.
After hitting my body-plateau, and coming out of it, I feel good again and have hit an attitude-plateau, where I can just relax and believe in myself and in the program. It's basically a cleanse, guided by the amazing group at Dr. Lemon's A New Me! Life without gluten, sugar, articifical sweetener, and dairy is actually pretty awesome. Here's a picture of what dinner looks like for me now, and believe it or not, I actually crave it! 4-5 ounces of protein (organic, lean meat shown here, cooked with gluten-free taco seasoning), kale chips (homemade), and organic lettuce with organic cucumbers and oil/vinegar dressing. And don't forget the totally-acceptable and delicious Zevia - Black Cherry! MMmmmMMMmmm!

01/15/2013 2:17PM
A New Me - New Year's Challenge - Day 14
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