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Fitness connection part trois

Well Mixers its time for another Fitness connection update and stupid pictures! First off,My Trainer Karla,super nice but if you miss a day you will pay for it with leg workouts! At the end of me sweating and crying i realized she actually wanted me to hava a proportional body. Unlike this guy

So after all my sorness and my inabiltiy to walk went away i felt great! Leg day is a bit of a pain but after you strecth and feel better,its all worth it! Make sure to check out fitness connection today! They are in Sparks on Disc Drive and in Reno on longley. $10 a month,what do you got to lose! Keep checking the Mix Blog for updates about my Fitness Connection progress!

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Rumor Has It (3/22/13) with special guest, Corey Miller


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Rumor Has It (3/21/13)

[photo from Pink Is The New Blog]

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Rumor Has It (3/20/13)

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Rumor Has It (3/19/13)

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Rumor Has It (3/18/13)

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Local Band Wayward travel to LA because they are Crazy For Loving You!
Local Band Wayward went to LA to shoot the music video for their Latest single "Crazy For Loving You". Love these guys,check out the video below! Dont forget to like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter!

<iframe width="500" height="281" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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JT: Talented, Sexy, and Sly
Though I was away for an exciting weekend in Chicago, you better believe I made sure to catch JT's appearance on SNL. How can one man be so good at everything? Incredible singer, dancer, actor, and he's funny. He's even good at the comebacks, and he's sly. His post-SNL interview with Jimmy Fallon was polite and smooth, even as Jimmy straight up asked him about changing the lyrics to Suit & Tie -- his response to Kayne's diss. 

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Rumor Has It 3/4/13

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Jes' Official BEFORE & AFTER pics for Dr. Lemon's A NEW ME

HEY, LOOK! It's A NEW ME! No, seriously. I look and feel like a whole new person and it's all thanks to Dr. Lemon's A New Me. And in honor of my huge New Year's Weight Loss success, they're extending their deal; just tell them you heard Jes' story on the New Mix 100.9, and they'll give you $50 off your program. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Call them TODAY - 689-8888. - Jes

TOTAL INCHES LOST: 11.5" - including 5.5" from waist, 3" from hips, and 2.25" from thighs
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