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Rumor Has It 10/31/13: Janice Dickinson, David Bowie,

Janice saves the day...

David Bowie's creeptastic music remix...and, 

Ellen wins Halloween!

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rumor Has It 10/30/13: Sound of Music, Celine Dion, and The Jonas Brothers
NBC releases a promo video for "The Sound of Music"...

Celine Dion streams her new album on the interwebs:

nd the Jonas Brothers are dunzo.

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Rumor Has It 10/28/13: Lou Reed, Gaga, and Jolie

Lady Gaga's got new art and music out,

Angelina Jolie may get paid the big bucks, and...

Lou Reed has passed...
Life isn't what is seems
I'm forever drifting into dreams
Such a sad affair
to always be drifting into air


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Rumor Has It 10/25/13: Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry

Beyonce gets pushed off a building!

Rihanna becomes Medusa... and, 

Katy Perry & Friends Roar

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Rumor Has It 10/24/13: Beyonce, Mariah, and Lorde parody

Beyonce may be releasing a new album this Winter,

Mariah talks about "The Art of Letting Go"...and,

The Key of Awesome covers "Lorde"

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Rumor Has It 10/23/13: Pink, Anchorman, and Kelly Clarkson
Pink's gotta rest...

Anchorman releases a new Trailer, and...

Kelly Clarkson shares her incredible wedding video.

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Rumor Has It 10/22/13: Beetlejuice, Bieber, and Gaga

Beetlejuice sequel, anyone?

Dude paid to look like a bad Justin Bieber, and...

New Gaga!
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rumor Has It 10/21/13: Tori Amos, Kelly Clarkson, and Taylor Swift
Tori Amos has a new musical,

Kelly Clarkson is now a Mrs....and,

Taylor Swift is "Sweeter Than Fiction"

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Rumor Has It 10/10/13: Spanish Spring High School and Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and

Could Katy Perry be making an appearance at Spanish Springs High School?

Will Lady Gaga's film debut be any good?

And, of course they're making a WikiLeaks movie...

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Rumor Has It 10/9/13: Lea Michelle, Kanye vs. Kimmel, and Avril + that dude from

Lea Michelle opens up for the first time in a rare interview...

Kanye and Kimmel will settle their ish LIVE, and...

Avril and Chad's duet?

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Ed Sheeran is a terrifying clown.
The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer finished her 66-date tour in her home city of Nashville, Tennessee and has released an eight minute video full of the guests she was joined by and behind the scenes clips.

Ed Sheeran Surprises Taylor Swift In New Footage From 'The Red Tour' (WATCH)

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Rumor Has It 10/8/13: Eminem, Sinéad O’Connor, and Paris Hilton

Eminem's gone old-skool...

Sinéad needs to let it go, and...

Paris sucks. 

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Rumor Has It 10/7/13: iHeartArtpop, Lohan, and Ke$ha + Pitbull

Lady Gaga releases her Artpop art work...

Lohan might want to open her own rehab facility, and...

Ke$ha teams up with Pitbull for "TIMBER" and I think it's got total jam potential!
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Rumor Has It 10/4/13: Morissey, Mika, and Miley

Morissey's "Autobiography" is finally coming out...

Mika teams up with Ariana Grande for "Popular"...and, 

Miley disses Sinéad O’Connor

Mika & Ariana Grande - Popular Song Live at The... by mikawebsite?
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BEST OF Miley: The Movement
Why am I afraid to admit I kind of love her?

‘Miley: The Movement’ Recap: Top 10 Highlights | HEAVY

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Rumor Has It 10/3/13: Bieber, Monteith, and Miley

Bieber's #MusicMondays

Cory's definite overdose..., and

Miley: The Movement

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Rumor Has It 10/2/13: Rihanna, Usher's ABC's, and Lorde vs. Swift

Rihanna's house was almost broken into...

Usher remixes the ABC's on Sesame Street..., and

Lorde disses T. Swift's image.

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Topics: Politics
People: Rihanna

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