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Jes' New Year's Resolutions

1) Be more silent (ironic for a radio DJ, right?) - I tend to react too quickly, or answer things too quickly in conversation. I want to learn to relax and just *chill*...and let there be space............. between............... thoughts.
2) Be more active -  I made a rule at the beginning of December 2012 that if my destination was less than 30 minutes by foot (and since I live downtown, most things are), that I had to walk. And if it was more than 30 minutes by foot but less than 30 by bike, then I have to bike. I've already lost 5 pounds just from making that one, simple change. And, I genuinely enjoy the walk! This new life-activity is also forcing me to stick me my third New Year's Resolution, which is to

3) Rush Less - Walking to places has forced me to leave earlier than I normally would, and it's made my life much more peaceful. I would like to arrive earlier and finish things sooner in more areas of my life.

4) Self-Discipline - All of the above are impossible without this little nugget. It's not that I'm a complete loser  - I wouldn't be this successful if I possessed absolutely no discipline. HOWEVER...I do struggle with doing things EVERY DAY. I eat everyday; I shower every day; can it really be that much harder to workout every day? 

5) Stretch - This is the key to my happiness. I suffer from overly tight muscles, and most areas of my body hurt pretty much all of the time. You would think that this alone would motivate me enough to stretch, but alas...see #4.  

6) Become rich and famous -  My dream in life. And when it does happen, I promise that I will use my powers for good, give back to my community, and pay off my student loans.

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12/26/2012 3:17PM
Jes' New Year's Resolutions
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