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A New Me - New Year's Challenge - Day 7

Well, here we are! Day 7 and we're both down exactly 7 pounds! It hasn't been easy, but it's been a whole lot easier than any other diet I've tried in the past. I think it's because this diet exists within the context of the A NEW ME program, and that makes it so much easier mentally! Instead of thinking: I can't eat carbs, sugar, artificial sweetener, dairy, gluten, etc., I just think about  my meals as outlined for me in the program. And I honestly feel great! I don't really notice the calorie deficit, and that's means the hormone is working like it's supposed to. It was around Day 5 that people started 'noticing' and saying something. My pilates instructor was the first person to notice the changes in my body. You can really see it in our faces and waist-line (and in Pep's legs)!

An average day for us meal-wise is:

Early-morning: 2-3 egg whites

Mid-Morning: fruit (usually an apple for me)

Lunch: Meal-replacement shake OR bar (the Chocolate Banana ones from A New Me are DELICIOUS!)

Mid-snack: usually a fruit, but I'm thinking of switching to a vegetable here since I'm noticing a slight change in my daily weight loss

Dinner: 5 oz of chicken breast, with a little bit of olive oil and garlic and broccoli

Snack: KALE CHIPS!!! I'm so addicted! I make them myself and they are DELICIOUS.

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01/08/2013 9:40PM
A New Me - New Year's Challenge - Day 7
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