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Adam Lambert Blasts "Les Miz" on Twitter and causes a frenzy.

Look! I learned how to screen capture just for you guys! This is directly from Adam Lambert's Twitter page, which is currently causing a frenzy. And I have to say...I AGREE!

I was one of the poor, unfortunate souls who waited in line on Christmas day to see Les Miserables. I waited in line so long that I almost ate my entire medium popcorn before the movie even started. With no munchies to distract me, my attention was very focused on the movie. Anne Hathaway was amaze-balls. But Russell Crowe was so bad that it completely distracted me from the movie! A good, emotional production, ESPECIALLY a musical, is supposed to suck you in, but all I kept thinking was, This was a huge production with a very large budget...they could have casted anyone they wanted, so why did they waste that major role on him?? I just couldn't figure it out, and my attempts to do so kept pulling me right out of the moment and into the theater where all I could think about was my empty basket of popcorn. MmmmMMmm....popcorn.
Lastly, it's not like Lambert isn't qualified to say these things. He's an incredible singer and a very talented entertainer, which is probably why people are freaking out about it. Too bad he wasn't in this movie. God, that would have been amazing. Next time, musical gods, next time.

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12/31/2012 11:27AM
Adam Lambert Blasts "Les Miz" on Twitter. Causes Frenzy,
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